Construction Starts on the New Castlebrae!

We are delighted to announce that the Construction programme for the New Castlebrae is now underway!

This significant milestone in the project was reached when work on site started Monday 28th October, and our Community now have a very real sense of the new building and the prominent position it will take at the heart of the rapidly developing Craigmillar, with the opening date set as August 2021.

The Castlebrae Community are very thankful for the passionate support received from all of our parents and partners who have worked so closely with us to support the drive to improve outcomes for our young people.

We are in no doubt that the new Castlebrae will provide innovative, inspirational and exciting spaces for learning and teaching, as well as providing an environment that will be fully inclusive and welcoming for the whole community.

Additional information on the new Castlebrae can be found via this website and through Twitter #ReplacementCastlebrae2021

Planning for New Castlebrae Approved!

We are delighted to report that the Planning Application for the new Castlebrae, due to open August 2021, was unanimously approved at Council Committee on Wednesday 14th August, the first day of the new 2019/2020 session! What a way to welcome our community back – including our 80 S1 students, our highest S1 intake in years and double that of last year!

Make sure you keep up to date with all the latest news on the new building (with construction beginning later this year) by visiting the special Replacement Castlebrae area on this website.

News for the new 2019/20 Session!

A very warm welcome back to our young people for the start of the 2019/20 session, with a very special ‘hello’ to our new S1 – our largest intake in years and double last year’s intake.

The new session at Castlebrae has started very positively, with our new S1 intake being the largest in years and then (on the first day back for our students) came the news that the Planning Application for the new Castlebrae building (due to open in August 2021) had been approved.

Read more about the new Castlebrae 2021 here

At the end of the 2018/2019 session, we said farewell to Alan Murphy, our STEM Curriculum Leader for the past 7 years. We wish Alan all the best in his new role as Curriculum Leader of Maths at Ayr Academy, much closer to home!

We were delighted to welcome new colleagues to Castlebrae for this session and to welcome back Chris Hume who returns to Castlebrae following two years as Acting Depute Head at Queensferry High School. We also welcome back Jodi Clark in Support for Learning following Maternity Leave.

Our new members of staff are:

Matthew Hughes (Curriculum Leader, STEM)

Jessica Heatlie (STEM, Maths)

Maria del Carmen Saez-Martinez (STEM, CDT)

Cara Marquadt (Social Subjects & RMPE)

Ross Donaldson and Zoe Grant (Expressive Arts, Physical Education)

Lorna Coan (Support for Learning)

Kathryn Brack (Broad General Education Teacher)

It’s fantastic to welcome so many new colleagues to our amazing Community as we grow in numbers and plan ahead for the move to the new build. Exciting times for Castlebrae!

Frances Boxes Clever!

Huge congratulations to Frances Heath who has been selected to represent Team Scotland in the Boxing GB Championships in Wales this year!

Well done Frances!