National 5 Physical Education

The National 5 course consists of 2 components:

  • Practical Performance (50%)
  • Portfolio (50%)

Practical Performance

The practical element of the course revolves around assessment in two different activities. Each of these activities will be assessed out of 30 marks. Your combined score in these activities contributes 50% to your overall award. Both activities will be assessed as a one-off performance; how you do on the day determines your score. 


Section 1: Understanding the factors that impact on performance.

Section 2: Planning, developing and implementing approaches to enhance personal performance.

Section 3: Monitoring, recording and evaluating performance development. Pupils complete the portfolio is class time using the data they have gathered throughout the course.

Home Learning

BBC Bitesize National 5 Physical Education offers a range of home learning tasks which learners can access to consolidate the learning delivered in class.

N5 – Written Skills Level Descriptor

Mental Approaches Log Book

MESP Data Gathering Booklet

MESP Training Approaches

N5 – Ladders Level Descriptors

Badminton Log Book

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