Covid 19 Information

Positive Cases

If you test positive for Covid you are advised to isolate for ten days. However, if you have two consecutive negative LFD tests (taken at least 24 hours apart and no earlier than day 6) then you can end isolation early.

Close Contacts

If you are a close contact and have received three doses of the vaccine, or are under 18 years and 4 months you can take LFD tests for seven days instead of isolation. If they are negative and you have no symptoms you do not need to take a PCR and do not need to isolate.

Positive LFD and Symptoms

If you have a positive LFD and symptoms of Covid you should take a PCR.

Symptoms Only

If you have symptoms you should take a PCR regardless of if you have a positive LFD.

Positive LFDs Without Symptoms

If you test positive on an LFD but have no symptoms you do not need to take a PCR. You should follow the isolation rules as if you were positive as detailed above in ‘Positive Cases’. In school, young people should continue to wear face coverings unless exempt. Pupils should also continue testing using a LFD (lateral flow device).

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