PE S1 and S2 Home Learning

S1-2 Home learning 11/05/20

S1-S2 Home Learning – 04/05/20

S1/S2 Home Learning Week 2 – 30/03/20

The activities we have been working on in class before we began working from home was Lacrosse and Netball. Your task for this week is to complete the 2 quizzes below. You can use Google to research each activity and complete the following questions.

Once you have completed the worksheet:

Email the Lacrosse worksheet to Miss Grant on:

Email the Netball worksheet to Miss Boak on:

S1/S2 Home Learning Week 1 – 23/03/20

TASK: This week we are working on CREATIVITY AND CONFIDENCE. Watch the following videos below:

Learning a headstand

Nick Kyrgios Trick Shots

Ski Half Pipe

Roger Federer Confidence Documentary

Complete the CREATIVITY and CONFIDENCE pages from the SATPE workbook on a piece of paper or on a word document. Send your answers to Miss Grant on

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