National 4 Physical Education

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National 4 Physical Education

The purpose of the course is to develop the learners knowledge of the factors impacting on performance and their ability to demonstrate movement and performance skills in physical activities. By engaging in a range of physical activities, learners can demonstrate initiative, decision-making and problem-solving. The course also encourages learners to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, and the contribution that physical activity makes to this.

Course Rationale

The course has two mandatory units and an added value unit. The performance skills unit gives learners the opportunity to develop a range of movement and performance skills in physical activities. The factors impacting on performance unit provides learners with the opportunity to explore and develop their knowledge of factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities. In the performance unit learners will prepare for and carry out a performance, which will allow them to demonstrate challenge and application. Further information can be found in the National 4 Course Rationale.

Course Content

The National 4 Course covers a range of contexts for physical activity including team games, aesthetic and creative activities, and net games. Within these contexts learners develop their skills and abilities through cycles of analysis in which they investigate the factors impacting on their performance. Further information can be found in the National 4 Unit Support Notes.

Course Assessment

The National 4 course is assessed internally by the PE teaching team. The assessment consists of a written task based on the Factors Impacting on Performance unit and two practical performances. These assessments are on a pass or fail basis.

Home Learning

BBC Bitesize National 4 Physical Education offers a range of home learning tasks which learners can access to consolidate the learning delivered in class.

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