Physical Education

Broad General Education Physical Education:

All pupils are given the opportunity to engage in Physical Education (PE) from S1 up to S6. PE facilitates holistic development, with learning allowing pupils to develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Thus, allowing pupils to enhance skills for work, learning and life after school such as: teamwork, communication, and decision making. During S1 and S2 Core PE pupils gain an introduction to a diverse range of sports and activities. Pupils can develop a broad repertoire of skills in four fundamental areas; physical fitness; physical competencies; cognitive skills and personal qualities.

S3 Elective Physical Education:

During S3 elective PE the course becomes more streamlined with an emphasis on performance development in order to prepare students for the demands of certificated PE. We support learners in gaining a National 4 qualification during this time. Pupils are introduced to the course and the component units where there is an emphasis on skills development and the application of those skills. Moreover, pupils can develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the factors impacting on performance which they will be able to utilise if they choose to progress onto the National 5 course.

National 5 Physical Education:

The National 5 course consists of 2 components. Component 1 is a portfolio which pupils complete in class which is work 60 marks. Component 2 consists of 2 one-off performances work 30 marks each, totally 60 marks. The purpose of this component is to assess the pupil’s ability to effectively perform in physical activities. The course is therefore weighted 50% portfolio and 50% performance. The National 5 course enables pupils to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to perform effectively in a range of physical activities and to enhance their physical wellbeing. The purpose of the portfolio is to assess the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the performance development process. There are 3 sections to the portfolio. Section 1: Understanding the factors that impact on performance. Section 2: Planning, developing and implementing approaches to enhance personal performance. Section 3: Monitoring, recording and evaluating performance development. Pupils complete the portfolio is class time using the data they have gathered throughout the course.

Higher Physical Education:

The course consists of two components: an exam and performance. The exam is 2hrs 30mins which is out of 50 marks. The performance consists of 2 one-off performances, both worth 30 marks of 2 different activities. The course enables pupils to demonstrate and develop a broad and comprehensive range of complex skills in challenging contexts in physical activities. The two areas of study are: factors impacting performance which allows pupils to understand the mental, social, emotional, and physical factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities. The second area is performance where pupils select, demonstrate, apply and adapt skills, and use them to make informed decision.