Our brilliant partnership with PSKC (Portobello Sailing and Kayaking Club) has continued with our S1s and S2s getting a chance to take part in activities over 5 Friday mornings. The outdoor learning experience is enhanced through linking the learning to classroom activities and developing knowledge and understanding of key topics through participation in the Programme. In addition the students achieve Paddle Power certification through Kayaking! The students have had an amazing experience and we continue to build and develop opportunities with PSKC. Two of our current S3 students were so impressive at PSKC last year that they supported the group for this recent block and Kelvin Bell has now been trained in piloting Powerboats too! Work continues on the Castlebrae Skiff, which is getting very close to completion! It has now been just over two years since planning the Skiff build and getting students ‘on board’ with working to put it together. With the expert knowledge of our Tutor, Stuart MacDonald, students and aspiring boat builders across our community have lent a hand in creating this beautiful object from the hundreds of pieces of kit that was first brought into the workshop. The work has been painstaking in its attention to detail, but all the efforts have been very well rewarded and our Community can feel rightly proud of what it has achieved. The aim is for a spring launch from the PSKC boatyard, with a naming ceremony and our own students, skilled in coastal rowing, taking to the sea.

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