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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: All pupils who are learning at home whilst schools are shut should download the workbook/resources that they have not covered in class and work through them. They should produce work on paper, in their jotters (if they have them) or on the computer. Work should then be emailed to their teacher for marking. Email addresses are on the faculty home page.

PSYCHOLOGY New Timetable: Home Learning Week 5 – 15/06/20 There is new work set for this week in TEAMS. This week we are looking at our last two topics before summer, these are THE NATURE V NURTURE APPROACH AND ETHICS. Please complete all the work, then post it in the “Assignments” tab in TEAMS or email it to your teacher. Remember that Miss Coan will be online every Tuesday from 10am – 12pm and Miss Allan will be online every Thursday from 2pm – 3pm if you need any support.  You can also email us directly with any questions. If you have any issues accessing TEAMS, please get in contact with either Miss Coan at lorna.2.coan@castlebrae.edin.sch.uk or Miss Allan at debbie.allan@castlebrae.edin.sc.uk If you have not completed the work from previous weeks there is still time and it is still available on TEAMS.

The link below will take you directly to the Teams page –https://teams.microsoft.com/_#/school/conversations/General?threadId=19:c4889f0a7a05490a8f3d9af2e518412d@thread.tacv2&ctx=channel

On this website there all links to all the booklets you will need this year and other useful resources.


S2 Core RME

New Timetable: Home Learning week beginning 11/05/20

Hello everyone and welcome to the start of a new school year.  Between now and summer, Miss Coan and Miss Allan will continue to be your teachers.  There is a whole year group TEAMS class which you have been added to.

WK Beginning 15/06/2020

This week all S2’s will be expected to complete their final unit assessment as set in the INSPIRATIONAL FIGURES BOOKLET. You are asked to produce a poster/factfile or PowerPoint on a person who you see as Inspirational. The work is now posted on TEAMS. You are expected to complete all the tasks in the Workbook, then produce a piece of individual work as your final assignment. All instructions are in the Inspirational Booklet so please take the time to read it through. Any questions, you can post on Teams or email your teacher directly.

You can return your work on Teams and by emailing it to your teachers at –lorna.2.coan@castlebrae.edin.sch.uk or Debbie.allan@castlebrae.edin.sch.uk

This link will take you directly to the Teams page

S3 Nat 3/4 RMPS

For those of you who are not on teams. this is the work for the next 3 weeks.

Contact Ms Allan for any support debbie.allan@castlebrae.edin.sch.uk

RMPS Seniors

Hey guys. We need to make sure your assessments are all done for the units. You all did the Buddhism one, but now we must do the ones for Suffering and evil and Morality and belief. I am putting up the instructions and assessments here for you to complete. They are all open book. Please email me when you are done and if you have any issues. You have two weeks to complete them. Hand them in by the 9th of April please.

Hi guys updating the site with what you will need to complete the assessments. This must be in ASAP. All you need are the new booklets i have put up and the assessment guidelines for suffering and evil and Religion and justice.

Your new timetable will start on the 11th of May. You will be expected to start your new subjects. But FIRST you MUST complete the work for this course. If you do not provide me with more evidence I will not be able to give you a estimated grade that reflects your ability.

S4 Core RME

S5/6 Core

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