RMPS & Psychology


CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: All pupils who are learning at home whilst schools are shut should download the workbook/resources that they have not covered in class and work through them. They should produce work on paper, in their jotters (if they have them) or on the computer.


S1 Core RME

Week beginning Monday 23rd March: S1 pupils should download the powerpoint (as PDF) below and work their way through it, viewing the links and carrying out any and all tasks. If pupils have any issues with this they can email Ms Allan or Mrs Coan. Enjoy!

Week beginning Monday 30th March: S1 pupils should download the instructions (file below), follow these, and then download the other two files below. Enjoy!

S2 Core RME

Week beginning 23rd March: S2 pupils will start a unit on animal right. You should download power point and work through the tasks. any issues email Ms Allan. Enjoy. Each week there will be a new lesson up, so stay tuned!

S3 Core RME

Hi People, Here you will find your weekly lesson for RME. As we were looking at Media ethics I have given you a power point to explore for the first one. Complete the tasks and email them to me each week. I will only put up one lesson at a time, so check in each week for the latest lesson. Have fun!

S3 Nat 3/4

You guys still have one assessment on the philosophical unit, and your AVU to complete. I have given you a in-depth word document to help you complete your AVU for starters. I am giving you 2 weeks to complete it. So you have till the 7th of April. Please email me with any issues and email me you final draft. Good luck!

RMPS Seniors

Hey guys. We need to make sure your assessments are all done for the units. You all did the Buddhism one, but now we must do the ones for Suffering and evil and Morality and belief. I am putting up the instructions and assessments here for you to complete. They are all open book. Please email me when you are done and if you have any issues. You have two weeks to complete them. Hand them in by the 9th of April please.

S4 Core RME

Hi S4s. I will be posting up lessons on religion and relationships for you to do each week on this website. Please complete the tasks and email them to me each week. Stay tuned each week for more lessons.