“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

– Frank Smith

¡Bienvenue a Castlebrae!

At Castlebrae CHS, pupils have the opportunity of learning Spanish, French and Mandarin. Our department believes learning a language develops confidence, communication, literacy and interpersonal skills, which are all invaluable and transferable assets to the working world.

Possible fields of work after studying languages include translation, international marketing, public relations, finance and education to name just a few. A qualification in modern foreign languages opens many doors enhancing employability, broadening your outlook, and developing you into a culturally richer person.

S1: French is currently offered at the end of S1.

S2: Pupils, who choose French, study 3 periods a week. The department is currently using the Expo 1 and 2 textbooks and various supplementary resources.

S3 – Pupils choose whether they want to study Spanish, French, Mandarin or all three. We are currently using the Expo 3 textbook in French. Pupils aim to reach level 4 of the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes.  This will best prepare them for National qualifications in S4.

S4 – Pupils study up to 5 periods a week. They work towards SQA national qualifications.

National 3 – Two units are internally assessed (Using Language and Understanding Language).

National 4 – Three units are internally assessed (Using Language, Understanding Language and Added Value Unit). Pupils complete their Added Value Unit on a research project on a French speaking country and present it in class.

National 5 – Two units are internally and externally assessed with a final exam in May.

The Modern Languages for Life and Work Award is also an option at levels 3 and 4. This Award aims to develop learners’ language and employability skills, through studying one or two modern languages in practical and relevant contexts for life and work.

S5/6 –   Pupils can progress to National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.


Pupils are expected to revise vocabulary and grammar every week using their vocabulary and grammar booklets. An audio version of the vocabulary/grammar as well as flashcards can be found on Quizlet (Castlebraemfl French). Please find PDF copies of the booklets on the Homework link above.

There will also be skilled-based tasks for pupils to complete at home in preparation of upcoming assessments. Copies of these can be found in the homework section.

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