New School Parent Letter

March 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

Transition to the new school

I am now able to inform you of the timeline for our move to the new school in April 2022:

  • Monday 11th April 2022– handover date.
  • Friday 8th April, Monday 25th April and Tuesday 26th April 2022 (extension of Easter break)- exceptional closure for pupils approved by the Scottish Government to allow staff to make the physical move to the new building – moving equipment and setting up teaching areas
  • Monday 25th April 2022 – staff return to school to complete move
  • Wednesday 26th April 2022– All students return to new school (staggered times will be in place, more information to follow)
  • April 26th2022 – start of the SQA examination diet

At this time, all indications are that the works will be completed on time. However, for whatever reason there may be a delay, the SQA examinations will be protected and, if necessary examination will be held at the old school building.  SQA EXAM diet begins on the 26th of April none of our Castlebrae learners are involved in the exams taking place on that day.

Staff, Students, Parents/Carers, Partners and Community users have been making visits to the new build to see the actual learning & teaching spaces we planned with the architects and builders. The senior and middle leaders have also been making plans for the use of the different types of teaching areas e.g. plaza, breakout, double classrooms, debating chamber and theatre as well as traditional classrooms. Safety, pupil movement and social space have also been discussed.  New, mobile interactive screens have been delivered ahead of our move to allow Teachers and pupils to become familiar with the technology which will replace chalkboards and our current, dated interactive boards. Pupils have also been involved through the Pupil Council in naming our Castlebrae Community Campus Canteen.  

I know many adults in the community have fond memories of the present school, some reminiscing about their own time here and we would hope to organise guided tours of the current school building.

It is indeed an exciting time for our school community and we look forward to making the most of the new facilities which promise to be innovative and offer enhanced opportunities for quality learning to take place well into the 21st century.

Yours sincerely

Norma Prentice

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