Health & Food Technology – BGE Home Learning

If you need to get in touch please email Miss Fry on or on twitter @castlebraehft

If you have been doing any cooking or baking at home please continue to share it on Twitter by mentioning @Castlebraehft

Home Learning Materials

Week Six: 11/05/20 – New S2! Welcome to S2, the booklet below contains tasks for you to work through over the next 5-6 weeks. Please complete only one task per week – they are labelled for each week and submit your completed booklet to me when it is done via email If you have any problems please get in touch with me. You can type straight into the booklet, print it off and handwrite it or just answer the questions on paper if that is easier for you.

Week Five: 04/05/20 – please email or tweet your completed work to me at the end of the week. Contact details above 🙂

Week Four: 27/04/20 – please email your completed work to me at the end of the week.

Week Three 20/04/20– please complete on paper or Microsoft Word (email your finished work if on word 🙂 )

Week One and Week Two: Try 2-3 tasks each week and let us know what you’ve been up to by sending photos on Twitter or keeping a log for when we are back to school. When you download the Takeaway HL it will only show the tasks in Microsoft Word – if you don’t have access to Word please use the image below to access the Home Learning or save a copy of the image to your device for later.

Recipes for Home Learning

In S1 and S2 learners come to Health and Food Technology for two periods per week, usually they will cook during one lesson and complete written tasks in their other period. We are also introducing sewing to some classes this session with the view of rolling them out to all classes next academic session

During S1 and S2 we will cover a range of topics including:

  • Introduction to Health and Food Technology
  • The Eatwell Guide
  • Foods of the World
  • Introduction to Sewing
  • Nutrition
  • Importance of Breakfast

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