School Closure on Thursday 24 November 2022

Dear Parents/Carers Proposed Industrial Action on 24 November 2022 Castlebrae Community Campus will be closed due to strike action on Thursday 22 November 2022.  Due to employee rights regarding industrial action, we are unable to collate accurate advance information about which teacher colleagues will be striking on Thursday 24th November.   As most teaching staff …


SQA is currently carrying out a large-scale evaluation of the 2022 approach to National Qualifications assessment. Part of this includes gathering views from parents and carers on the Appeals 2022 service. They have a panel of parents and carers who take part in occasional surveys for SQA. If you would like to take part, please sign up using this link  …

S4-6 Prelim Timetable

Dear parents / Carers, Prelims will take place in class, on the week of the 21st of November. Please see the attached timetable for your young person. This round of prelims is to gather evidence on the young person's working grade. They will only be assessed on information from August-November 2022. Some subjects have decided …

S1-S6 Flu Vaccine (Please Click)

Please find information regarding the Flu Vaccination which will be administered in school later this month. Digital resources - School education resources - Flu immunisations - Seasonal immunisations - Immunisations - Our areas of work - Public Health Scotland

S1 Parents

Please join us on Friday the 20th of May for ‘Castlebrae’s Community Unity’. Open to S1 parents to come into the school between 11:15 and 12o’clock and join us for coffee tea and cake, sustainable pre-loved, clothes, uniform and sports kit will also be available. We look forward to welcoming you into the school!