Higher Photography

Purpose and aims

The course encourages candidates to be inspired and challenged by visually representing their personal thoughts and ideas through the medium of photography. An integrated approach to learning means candidates plan, develop and produce creative and technically proficient photographs. 

Candidates develop skills that are valuable for learning, life and work. The course allows them to broaden their skills base and to widen their horizons regarding the range of vocations available to them. 

 The aims of the course are for candidates to: 

  • Communicate personal thoughts, feelings and ideas using photography
  • develop technical and creative skills through using photographic media, techniques and processes 
  • develop knowledge and understanding of a range of photographic practices
  • develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking and reflective practice
  • develop an understanding of the impact of social, cultural, historical, and scientific influences on photographers’ work and practice
  • become critically self-reflective autonomous learners.

Home Learning Tasks

Online Resources

Stills Edinburgh – Stills School on Vimeo

Use this link to access Stills School online videos!

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