Easter Break Supported Study

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you are aware, SQA exams are fast approaching and the key to your child’s success will be to fully prepare for these exams. We previously provided a letter detailing the online and in school resources we are offering. I would encourage you to ensure your child is using these supports to complement their own revision.

In addition, we are delighted to be able to offer supported study sessions for a broad range of our courses across the curriculum over the Easter break. Please see the timetable below for dates and times.

As you will be aware we currently move from our current school on the last day of this term (8th of April). All supported study sessions will take place in the new school.

To ensure availability for your child it is essential that they sign up to the revision sessions they intend to use by Monday the 4th of April. We will only run sessions that pupils have signed up to.

Text messages will be sent on the morning of each session to pupils/parents/carers to remind them.

Pupils should arrive at the new school front office at the time allocated in the timetable. The teacher running the session will be there to greet them and take them to their allocated revision area.

Could I also ask that your child brings their school device with them to the sessions as these will be required to access some of the revision materials.

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact me using the details below.

Kind Regards

Matt Hughes

Curriculum Leader of STEM

Tel 0131 661 1282 | Mob 07510 383 596 | matthew.hughes@castlebraechs

Castlebrae Community High School         Supported Study Easter Break 2022

Monday11.04.2212:30 – 3:00MusicNational 5 and HigherMiss Duncan 
Tuesday   Thursday12.04.22   21.04.2212:30 – 3:00   12:00 – 3:00Maths ApplicationsN5  Miss MacGregor   Mr SmithSmart TV     Ipads
Tuesday12.04.221:00 – 3:00ChemistryN5Mr HughesIpads
Tuesday12.04.2210:00 – 12:00ChemistryHigherMr HughesIpads
Tuesday12.04.229:30 – 12:30PhysicsN5Miss DornanIpads
Tuesday12.04.221:00 – 4:00PhysicsHigherMiss DornanIpads
Tuesday12.04.2210:00 – 12:00HistoryHigherMr Hume 
Wednesday13.04.2210:00 – 12:00EnglishNational 5Mr Garden 
Thursday14.04.221:00 – 3:00BiologyN5 and HigherMr. LindsayIpads
Monday18.04.229.00 – 1.00HistoryN5Miss Marquardt 
Monday   Tuesday18.04.22 – 1.00Mandarin, Spanish and French N5 and HigherMiss Walker 
Wednesday20.04.2210:00 – 1:00MathsN5Miss KeelerSmart TV Ipads
Thursday21.04.221:00 – 3:00HFTHigherMiss Fry 
Friday22.04.229:00 – 12:00PEHigherMiss Anderson 
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