LGBT Youth Charter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Castlebrae Community High School is undertaking the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter programme. The LGBT Charter is a programme that enables our school to proactively improve LGBT inclusion for staff, learners and families. Our goal in undertaking this programme is to ensure all staff, parents/carers and young people are safe, supported and included. At Castlebrae we are committed to creating a fair and equal curriculum for all pupils that is age and stage appropriate for Secondary school pupils and families.

We are working towards a Silveraward through our Charter programme. This is supported by the Scottish Government and forms part of our duties as practitioners under the Equality Act (2010).  The work towards this programme will include:

  •   Staff undertaking LGBT+ Awareness Training with LGBT Youth Scotland.
  •   Updating and reviewing school policies to ensure we are LGBT inclusive.
  •   Updating and reviewing our anti-bullying policies.
  •   Undertaking an activity or campaign with young people to raise awareness of their rights.
  •   Marking commemorative days, weeks or months such as LGBT History Month.
  •   Ensuring our curriculum is inclusive and diverse and reflects our school community.

As the Headteacher of Castlebrae I believe this programme is of great importance to our school because it reflects our values of respect and integrity and reinforces our aim of ensuring we are meeting the needs of all in our school community.

We hugely appreciate the support of our parents and carers as we continue this journey towards greater LGBT awareness and inclusion at Castlebrae.

Yours Sincerely,

Norma Prentice


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