Personal and Social Education

PSE Curriculum

All pupils receive 1 period of Personal, Social Education (PSE) a week from S1-6. These lessons are taught by the Pupil Support Leaders. There are four overarching themes which frame the PSE curriculum. These areas are; substance misuse, relationships, sexual health and parenthood, planning for choices and changes and physical activity and health.

We focus specifically on one area per term, although some of these areas allow for natural overlapping.

We are very fortunate to have built up many strong partnership relationships with outside agencies who come in and offer specific inputs. These can change on a yearly basis and we constantly review the programme to ensure it best meets the needs of our young people.

The Broad General Education:

Opportunities through PSE:

Princes Trust

All pupils are registered and working towards achieving the Princes Trust Achieve Award by the end of S4. This award is to recognise the work which young people undertake throughout their 4 years of core PSE. This award is allows a flexible route and can also accommodate work that young people do across the school curriculum.


All S3 pupils are involved in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) programme. This active citizenship programme allows pupils to work in small teams and explore social issues which are important to them. They then choose a charity who they would like to explore in more detail, which includes making contact and visiting the charity. They then prepare a presentation and present this to an audience and panel of judges. One team from our school will win £3000 for their chosen charity. This experience allows pupils to develop a range of essential skills for life.


This year our S3 cohort are taking part in the SQA enterprise unit. This is linked to YPI and pupils are beginning to explore what enterprise is, how they could become entrepreneurs and will run a small business with the aim to make money. This will then be donated to their chosen YPI charities at the final event.


All S2 pupils are involved in an SQA Steps to Work Award. They take part in an 8 week programme at Foxlake Activity Centre, Dunbar. This focuses on developing employability skills alongside leaderships and assisting with sporting activities.

My World of Work Week:

This year see’s the launch of a focussed week of employability and future skills for S3 pupils. This week will allow pupils to hear about a range of different post school and future destination possibilities. Pupils will have time to research their chosen career and begin to engage with work experience and mentoring. There will be a range of activities on offer throughout the week and pupils will be completing the units required for SQA employability award.

S3 Campus Reporter (LEAPS)

A group of S3 pupils will attend an event organised by LEAPS at the University of Edinburgh. This event is to introduce young people to the ‘life of a university student’. Pupils will take part in a tour of the campus and groups will report back on a specific topic, for example, student accommodation, facilities on campus, courses on offer. This event is supported by students of Edinburgh University.

The Senior PSE Curriculum

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