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If parents/carers or pupils need to contact staff directly regarding home learning, please use the emails below. If a teacher’s email address is not available, please mark it FAO Teacher name and email Mr Hume (Curricular Leader). He will then forward this on to the relevant teacher.

With regards to home learning, members of staff will update the website weekly to inform pupils as to what they should be learning.


Mr C. Hume (Curriculum Leader) –

Mr S. Mackenzie (Senior Development Officer/History)

Mrs D. Allan (RMPS & Psychology)

Miss C. Marquardt (Social Subjects and History)

Mrs L. Coan (RMPS & Psychology)

Aims and Values

Social Subjects and RMPS is the study of people and places in the past and present, the study of moral values and dilemmas, of religions across the globe, and the study of humanity.

Our values mirror the school values – Focus, Respect, Integrity and Perseverance. We strive to provide learning opportunities of the highest standard, and expect all pupils to work hard and to the best of their ability.  Employers, colleges and universities place a high value on skills developed through the study of Social Subjects, History, and RMPS.

The department celebrates success through:

  • Stars of the Week Display Board – each teacher nominates a pupil from their classes who have displayed focus, respect, integrity and perseverance consistently throughout the week.
    • Displaying pupil work in classes and corridors.
    • Class Charts.
    • Sharing success on the department’s Twitter and Instagram accounts

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