Social Subjects & History

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The Social Subjects and History Curriculum

At Castlebrae, the Social Subjects department aims to give learners interesting, engaging, and varied subjects to study. S1-3 is the Broad General Education, where learners study a combination of history, geography and modern studies. S4-6 is the Senior Phase, where pupils can choose to specialise in History.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: All pupils who are learning at home whilst schools are shut should download the workbook/resources that they have not covered in class and work through them. They should produce work on paper, in their jotters (if they have them) or on the computer.

The document below is a list of History teachers across the country who have opened up their resources for others to access and use. Parents/carers and pupils are encouraged to follow these links and look through the resources to find lessons/worksheets etc that relate to what they have been studying in Social Subjects/History. These resources will obviously compliment and enhance the material we have provided below for home learning during this period.

S1 Social Subjects

S1 Home Learning Week 2 – 30/03/2020

Click on the document below for this weeks home learning!

S1 Home Learning Week 1 – 23/03/2020

Good morning S1. Hope you are all well. For this week, you need to start or continue the America Through the Ages topic. You need to download the booklet below – S1 America Through the Ages – and make sure you work your way through the following pages:

  • Pages 2-3 – How did Europeans Discover America?
  • Pages 3-5 – The American War of Independence, 1775 – 1783. You will need to watch the YouTube link for question 3.

You can do this work on Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, in your jotter, or on paper. Just remember to keep and save everything. Have fun!

  • Scotland Through the Ages
  • America Through the Ages
  • China Through the Ages

S2 Social Subjects

S2 Home Learning: Week 1 – 23/3/20

Good morning S2!

This week, work your way through the first section of the Earth Forces booklet: Volcanoes. After reading the bitesize pages linked, complete questions 1 – 3 in jotters, paper or on Word on a computer. If you find yourself finishing Volcanoes before Friday, move on to the next section.

Any questions or want to show me your fantastic work? Email at or send a message to our department twitter.

Enjoy! Miss Marquardt

  • World War II
  • Earth Forces
  • Global Terrorism
  • People and Society: Edinburgh

S3 History


Hello S3! You are to download the Great War booklet below then read pages 1-8, completing all the tasks you come across as well as you can. It would be worth watching this youtube clip too:

You can complete your work in your jotter, on paper, or on the computer. If might be a good idea to create a powerpoint entitled, ‘Background to WWI: The MAIN causes’ and add to it over the coming weeks. If you’ve any issues or you want to show me what you’ve done, please email me directly. ( Good luck and enjoy! Mr Hume.

  • Free at Last? Civil Rights in the USA, 1918-1968
  • Changing Britain, 1760 – 1900
  • The Era of the Great War, 1910 – 1928

National 4/5 History

N4/5 Home Learning Week 1 – 23/03/2020

Good morning all. Hope everyone is keeping well and avoiding people! Keep an eye on your emails as I’m going to send over a couple of things for you to do over the next week. I know you have my email already, but if you need to get in touch with me at all, my email is or Tweet me at @palsbattalion. Stay safe!

Higher History

Higher History past papers and marking schemes. You MUST use these throughout the course and when revising to give you a good idea of what the SQA may ask and what they expect to see in answers.

Essay writing help via Youtube. Mr Marr has various other videos on the other skills needed at Higher so check those out too.

Advanced Higher

  • Russia: From Tsarism to Stalinism, 1914–1945
  • Dissertation (36% of final Advanced Higher grade)