Social Subjects & History

The Social Subjects and History Curriculum

At Castlebrae, the Social Subjects department aims to give learners interesting, engaging, and varied subjects to study. S1-3 is the Broad General Education, where learners study a combination of history, geography and modern studies. S4-6 is the Senior Phase, where pupils can choose to specialise in History.

S1 Social Subjects

  • Scotland Through the Ages
  • America Through the Ages
  • China Through the Ages

S2 Social Subjects

  • World War II
  • Earth Forces
  • Global Terrorism
  • People and Society: Edinburgh

S3 History

  • Free at Last? Civil Rights in the USA, 1918-1968
  • Changing Britain, 1760 – 1900
  • The Era of the Great War, 1910 – 1928

National 4/5 History

  • The Era of the Great War, 1910 – 1928
  • Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1919 – 1939
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade, 1770 – 1807
  • National 4 Added Value Unit
  • National 5 Assignment (20% of final National 5 grade)

Higher History

Higher History past papers and marking schemes. You MUST use these throughout the course and when revising to give you a good idea of what the SQA may ask and what they expect to see in answers.

Essay writing help via Youtube. Mr Marr has various other videos on the other skills needed at Higher so check those out too.

Advanced Higher

  • Russia: From Tsarism to Stalinism, 1914–1945
  • Dissertation (36% of final Advanced Higher grade)