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The Social Subjects and History Curriculum

At Castlebrae, the Social Subjects department aims to give learners interesting, engaging, and varied subjects to study. S1-3 is the Broad General Education, where learners study a combination of history, geography and modern studies. S4-6 is the Senior Phase, where pupils can choose to specialise in History.

NEW TIMETABLE MAY 11th 2020: Please find details below for all Social Subjects and History classes for the new timetable. Mr Hume will be producing lessons and work for all S2 Social Subjects pupils and Higher History pupils; Miss Marquardt will be producing lessons and work for all S3 pupils who chose History; and Mr Mackenzie will be producing lessons and work for all those pupils who chose N4/5 History. If you or your child need to contact a teacher for help or to submit work, they should email the relevant teacher based on the this information.

The document below is a list of History teachers across the country who have opened up their resources for others to access and use. Parents/carers and pupils are encouraged to follow these links and look through the resources to find lessons/worksheets etc that relate to what they have been studying in Social Subjects/History. These resources will obviously compliment and enhance the material we have provided below for home learning during this period.

S2 Social Subjects

Good morning S2! I hope you are all doing well. I ( Mr Hume) will be producing work for all S2 Social Subjects pupils so if you need any help or don’t understand anything, get in touch.

My email address is:

I will be available to help you via email any time but will be online every Tuesday 1-2pm so you can can get an instant response. That time is set aside just for my S2 pupils so please get in touch if you need help. I will also be setting up a Teams group for all S2 pupils so that you can ask me questions directly, every Tuesday 1-2pm. If it is not quite set up for this Tuesday, it will certainly be for next week. Please see your set work below and happy working! Mr Hume

S2 Home Learning: Week beginning Monday 15th June

Hello S2! We will be meeting again on Teams at 1pm on Tuesday for a Kahoot quiz. This week’s quiz has been made up by Evan, who was the winner of last week’s quiz. Thanks Evan! After the quiz I will go over the work for this week, but if you want to get a head’s start, the instructions are below:

  1. Your challenge this week is to complete the China booklet! I know this is quite a lot of work, so please complete it in the order below and do as much as you have time for.
  2. Start by reading pages 17-19 on the Silk Road and answering the questions on page 19. Don’t worry about the map challenge on page 20, but complete question 3.
  3. Once you’ve done this, move on to the section on the Opium Wars on page 21. Watch the youtube clip, read page 21, and then complete the activities on page 22.
  4. If you can, try to complete the last section on the Zodiak.
  5. Email me your work, or, ideally, share it with me so I can mark it and share it back with you.

Enjoy and, as always, use the internet to do any extra research if you’re really interested in anything we’re looking at BUT make sure you are using trusted sites (history learning site is good, as is the BBC). If you need any help at all, message me on Teams or email me. Mr Hume

S2 Home Learning: Week beginning Monday 8th June

Hello S2. Apologies this is so late but there is a quiz today (Tuesday)at 1pm on Teams. Hope to see you there. The main piece of home learning for this week is below:

Please read and complete the activities in pages 14-16 of the booklet. After the quiz on Tuesday I will go through the learning intentions for this week’s home learning, some of the information that you will cover, and the key skills that are part of these activities. If you can’t make it, please do the following:

  1. Read the two sources on page 14. Using the writing frame at the bottom of the page, compare the two sources. You will need to find what they agree or disagree on and then back up this point by quoting from the sources. The writing frame takes you through this process. Once you have made one comparison and backed it up with quotes, repeat the process, ideally another two times if you can (for Gold) or just once (Silver).
  2. Read pages 15 and 16 (and watch the video – link at top of page) on the Terracotta Warriors. Then answer the explain and describe questions at the bottom of page 16, following the instructions closely. Try to put as much detail into your answers and go for GOLD.
  3. Try question 3 at the bottom of the page.
  4. Email me your work by Monday please! It is really important that I check you’re making progress in these key skills and I can give you feedback on your work.
  5. Enjoy! If you are struggling, get in touch via Teams or by email.

S2 Home Learning: Week beginning Monday 1st June

Hello S2! This week we are kicking off your home learning with a Kahoot quiz at 1pm on Tuesday on Teams! The questions will be about the USA topic you have just completed, some questions on what you have learned about China, and perhaps some random History, politics and geography questions thrown in. Hope to see you there so you can join in. Points for joining in and points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The home learning for you all this week, once we’ve done our Kahoot quiz, is to finish up the factfiles from last week. If you have done this, or have completed the task in the workbook, then my challenge to you is to create a quiz that we can all do next week on Kahoot. These are the rules for the quiz questions:

1. The questions must be about what you studied in S1 Social Subjects

2. The questions must have 4 possible answers, with the correct one underlined.

3. You must make up at least 5 questions but not more than 10.

4. You must email these to me by Monday 8th June. You can write them up by hand and send me a photo, send me them by word or simply email me them. Remember to make them multiple choice and to underline the correct answer.

If I get lots of questions I will choose the ones for next week’s whole S2 Kahoot quiz at random. Enjoy! Mr Hume

S2 Home Learning: Week beginning Monday 25th May

This week we are learning about the Great Wall of China, which many of will have heard about but may not know a lot about. Your learning intentions this week are:

  1. Explain WHY the Great Wall of China was built
  2. Describe the main features of the wall.

Success criteria:

1. GOLD=3 or more reasons; SILVER=2 reasons; BRONZE=1 reasons

2. GOLD=4 or more features; SILVER=3 features; BRONZE=1 or 2 features


  1. Watch the youtube clip below, and take notes that relate to your learning intentions.
  2. Read pages 10&11 of the workbook, adding to your notes.
  3. Using all your notes, your challenge is to create an A4 factfile on the Great Wall of China that meets your learning intentions, ideally at GOLD level. Imagine your audience are tourists who are visiting the wall for the first time. Your factfile should feature at least 1 diagram of the wall be colourful (if possible) and be full of accurate facts (your learning intentions must be met!) This piece of work should take around an hour.
  4. Send me your factfiles and let me know if you are happy with me posting them online (here and on Teams) for others to see.
  5. Next week we will be doing a whole S2 Kahoot quiz on the Great Wall so the more you know, the better you will do….!


Mr Hume

S2 Home Learning: Week beginning Tuesday 18th May

This week you should finish off the work from last week and then move on to Page 9 of the booklet on Oracle Bones. As you’re at home, you may be able to make an Oracle Bones using material there. If you manage this, please send me a photo and let me know if I’m ok to post it here! Have fun!

S2 Home Learning: Week beginning Monday 11th May

This week you will start an exciting new topic: China Through the Ages. You will learn about China’s ancient past all the way up until more recent Chinese history and culture, while developing social subjects skills such as explaining, comparing and evaluating.

Using the booklet below (please download), please watch the videos, read and complete the the first section: The Qin Dynasty (Pages 2 – 8).

S3 History

Good morning S3!

I am thrilled so many of you have chosen History. Welcome to your new year and new topic! Below are the three units you will be studying. We start with civil rights in the USA as our first topic. Work will be provided here and on teams for this every week, I will post a link to a kahoot each week, and I will be online between 1-2 Mondays and Fridays to help or go over work.

Enjoy! Miss Marquardt

  • Free at Last? Civil Rights in the USA, 1918-1968
  • Changing Britain, 1760 – 1900
  • The Era of the Great War, 1910 – 1928

Below is this weeks work. Download the document and make sure you write the title and learning intentions to keep you on track. I have also uploaded a video helping you answer the questions in your work. Make sure you read the information in the document first!

Click on the link for all instructions. Don’t forget to email me your work at Enjoy!

5. Moves North

Learning Intentions:

To explain why many Black Americans moved North during the Jim Crow era.

To describe what happened to Emmett Till.

Skill: Numeracy Challenge

National 4/5 History

Welcome to S4, 5 or 6.

I have set up a Teams group. My email is Please email me if you have any questions and/or want to submit work. I will be available to help you via email any time but will be online every Tuesday 11-12 so you can can get an instant response, either through email or on Teams.

Below is this weeks work. Make sure you write the heading and learning intentions to keep you on track.

5. Message for Nationals (Week beginning 08/06/2020)

4. Life in the Trenches (Week beginning 01/06/2020)

Learning Intentions

To describe what life in the trenches was like for soldiers of World War One.

To explain the impact living in the trenches had on the life of the soldiers.

This week, you will need to watch the YouTube video to find out about the challenge and download the PDF document called Life in the Trenches Project Challenge (you can click on each of the website links in the PDF document). The YouTube vid and PDF document are below. Can’t wait to see your projects!

3. Trench Systems (Week beginning 25/05/2020)

Learning Intentions:

  1. To describe the trench system during World War One.

Watch the YouTube video, and complete the tasks within it. There are also 3 other videos for you to watch to help with the tasks. Links are below the YouTube video I created, so make sure you watch this in YouTube itself. Any issues, get me on Teams.

Mr Mackenzie

2. Skills Week – Explain and How Fully Questions (Week Beginning 18/05/2020)

Learning Intentions

  1. To practice an explain question
  2. To practice a How fully question

I’ve created a YouTube video for this weeks lessons. It’s best if you make it full screen (so watch it on YouTube!) I’m going to do a lot more of these, and hopefully they become more exciting… There is a link below to your lesson for this week. Everything is explained in the video! Email me your explain answer and your how fully answer.

1. Recruitment

Learning Intentions:

To explain why Scots volunteered for the army in 1914.

To investigate MacCrae’s Battalion.

Success Criteria:

You will be able to explain at least 6 reasons why Scots volunteered for the army.

You will be able to describe what MacCrae’s Battalion was.

This weeks work is looking at why Scots volunteered to fight in World War One. Download the PowerPoint and two PDF documents. All instructions are in the PowerPoint.

Below are links to BBC Bitesize. You can use these for further reading.

The Era of the Great War, 1910 – 1928

Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1919 – 1939

The Atlantic Slave Trade, 1770 – 1807

National 4 Added Value Unit

National 5 Assignment (20% of final National 5 grade)

Higher History

Welcome to Higher History! Although the circumstances are far from ideal I’m excited about getting started on the course and hope you are too.

The first thing I need all Higher History pupils to do is to join the Teams group that I have set up and invited you all to (I’ve emailed your school email address with an invitation to join the group). If you are unable to do this then it is really important that you email me to let me know (my email address is below). Each week I will be setting tasks here on the website, will email you too to remind you, and will also be available on Microsoft Teams (and email of course, to answer queries immediately) every Monday between 1-2pm. Whilst I’m on Teams I can answer any questions you have, talk you through key skills and do pretty much what I would have done in class. For those unable to access Teams, I will have my email open ready to respond immediately at this time too.

Higher History Home Learning: week beginning Monday 15th June

Hello Highers! Thank you to those people who handed in me in work last week. This week I would like all those who haven’t handed in work to please email or share that with me. If you’re not sure what work you are outstanding, look at the assignments on Teams or see below. Or even email me. I do not want to issue any new work at all until everyone is up to date with all the work I have set because when I see you in class in August it is important we are all moving forward in our learning as one. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the work that you have produced. As always, I will be online and available to talk through any issues on Teams at 1pm on Monday. Take care, Mr Hume

Higher History Home Learning: week beginning Monday 8th June

Hello Highers! Change of plan this week – instead of meeting at 1pm on Teams, I would like you to take the time instead to finish off the pieces of work I have set and email them to me. The pieces of work I most need to see relate to the lessons on: 1) Scottish migration 2) Evaluate the usefulness questions 3) Irish migration into Scotland. All the work set is on Teams waiting for, in the section on assignments (assignments are also posted in the general chat thread).  We will meet again on Monday 15th June at 1pm on Teams, by which point I will have fed back to you on the work you have submitted. If you’ve any issues at all with anything we have done, please email me.


Mr Hume

Higher History Home Leaning: week beginning Monday 1st June

Hello Highers! I’m looking forward to you sending me your evaluate the usefulness answer that I set last week…! The assignment for this week is up on Teams as usual, and I’m delivering the lesson on Teams at 1pm on Monday, again as usual. However, if you cannot make it, please let me know, and note that I’ve attached the pdf of the lesson I’m delivering below. This pdf contains instructions outlining your home learning for this week. You will need to access the Higher History textbook, as usual, on Collins Connect. If you have any issue with any of this, please email me and I’ll talk this through with you at a time that works for you (within reason!).

Higher History Home Leaning: week beginning Monday 25th May

So, let’s get started.

Video of Teams lesson on Monday May 25th

PDF of Lesson from Teams lesson Monday 25th May

As I mentioned in last weeks live Teams lesson, this week we will be recapping the work you will have completed on Chapter 1, and I will be introducing the first Higher level skills question. If you missed the lesson, you can view it here:

Monday’s lesson will also be live on Teams at 1pm (as it will for the rest of term) so I look forward to seeing you there. UpdateMake sure you have the Enquiry Skills guide (link below) downloaded as you’ll need it to complete the challenge I set. I have also attached the piece of work that will need to be completed and emailed to me by Friday. This will all be attached to the assignment on Teams, so get on there and you’ll get everything you need (including the lesson and previous lessons)

Higher History Home Leaning: week beginning Tuesday 18th May

This is the assignment I have set on Teams:

We will be spending the next two weeks looking at  chapter 1. The issues we will cover are:

  • The social effects of the development of the Scottish economy: industrialisation and urbanisation; the importance of the British Empire.
  • Push and pull factors in internal and external migration:
  1. Opportunity and coercion.
  2. Political aspects
  3. Social and cultural factors
  4. Improved transport
  5. Economic factors

This week, I need you to read the whole of chapter 1 and then complete Activity 2. This obviously requires you to access the textbook via the link on Teams. I’ve included the link below too. If you finish this, move on to Activity 3. Do not do Activity 3, as I want to talk you through that either next week or the week after. Take your time and please, if you have any questions, get in touch with me on Teams or by email. As I said on the chat, I will be delivering a presentation on this topic on Monday 1-2pm so expect to see you all then. Thanks,

Mr Hume

Link to this week’s Teams lesson:

Higher History Home Learning: week beginning Monday 11th May

For this week, we are going to get started on the Scottish topic, which is Migration and Empire, 1830-1939. This is the part of the Higher course that focuses on the source skills, all of which you have been learning and working on since you started at Castlebrae. At Higher, these skills need to be developed and you will be expected to go into more detail when analysing sources. Do’;t worry though: I have a guide that will take you through each skill (link below an don Teams), loads of examples of how to do them, and I will be posting videos showing you how to write up answers at Higher level. I will also go through sources live on Teams too. Before we start on any of these skills though, we need to learn about the topic, so this week that is the focus. On Teams I will put the link to the piece of work that I would like you to do and I will also email you it. Remember, get on Teams or email me if you can’t:

my email address:

Mr Hume

Higher History past papers and marking schemes. You MUST use these throughout the course and when revising to give you a good idea of what the SQA may ask and what they expect to see in answers.

Essay writing help via Youtube. Mr Marr has various other videos on the other skills needed at Higher so check those out too.

Advanced Higher

  • Russia: From Tsarism to Stalinism, 1914–1945
  • Dissertation (36% of final Advanced Higher grade)

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