Privacy Notice for Parents/Guardians of Senior Pupils

This is only applicable to senior pupils who have been timetabled to attend the school building for practical subjects. More information on individual timetables to follow. If you have any questions please contact the school office on 0131 661 1282 or email

19 February 2021


Privacy Notice for LFD at Home Testing: Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Special Schools and Early Learning and Childcare Providers


The Scottish Government/NHS Test and Protect, in partnership with the UK Department of Health and Social Care, is responsible for the overall delivery of COVID-19 Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) of staff in primary, secondary and special schools and Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) and senior phase pupils (S4-S6) in Scotland. The testing of asymptomatic people can support education settings to identify positive cases, break chains of transmission and reduce risks in settings.

City of Edinburgh Council is responsible for the local management of the COVID-19 Lateral Flow Testing in its schools and settings.

Scope of this privacy notice

This privacy notice covers the uses of personal data of staff in primary, secondary and special schools and Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) settings, and senior phase pupils (S4-S6), by NHS National Services Scotland (NHS NSS) and Public Health Scotland (PHS).

This privacy notice provides you with information about how your personal data will be collected and used in connection with COVID-19 Lateral Flow Testing.  It covers the collection and use of your personal data, from providing the LFT data to the test results being recorded and processed.

As part of this testing, different organisations may require a different level of information about your LFT data, including the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and schools/ELC providers. Please refer to the relevant privacy notices if you want to know more about the uses of your personal data by other organisations. Every organisation involved in this data processing is independently responsible for complying with the applicable data protection legislation.

Who am I giving my personal data to?

If you (or your parent/legal guardian for children below the age of 16 or individuals without the required capacity) decide to participate in this LFT process, you will need to submit the results of your self-administered Covid-19 lateral flow tests through the DHSC LFT self-test digital journey portal. DHSC is the data controller in relation to this data processing and you can find more information here.

For individuals based in Scotland, in line with mandatory notifiable disease reporting regulations and the public tasks of NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) and Public Health Scotland, LFT data submitted through the digital journey portal will flow through National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) (DHSC’ processor) into NSS, who safely and securely store the provided data. Public Health Scotland (PHS) also has access to this data to perform their public functions.

NHS NSS and PHS are data controllers for the below purposes.

What is the purpose of processing my personal data?

Providing the LFT data is voluntary and aims to enable you to administer the Covid-19 tests directly without relying on a test centre. It also enables the involved parties to perform their public duties in managing the Covid-19 public health outbreak. In particular,

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