Seasons For Growth

Information for Parents/Carers

Seasons for Growth is a programme that uses the imagery of the seasons to illustrate the cyclical nature of grief. It aims to strengthen the wellbeing of children who may be dealing with major life changes including death, separation and other significant losses by:

  • exploring the impact of change and loss on everyday life
    • learning new ways to respond to these changes

Over 8 sessions children have an opportunity to share (If they choose), some of their experiences and work together. Children support each other to learn new ways to cope with difficult situations alongside a trained Companion. Confidentiality is strongly emphasised.

In order to help your child, we ask that you to remain open, willing to answer questions and provide support whilst they continue to process their losses as they grow and develop. An outline of each session is on the other side of this card.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact: Name:   Lorna Coan or (SfL) or Sharon Street (PSO)                                          

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