Parental Letter October 2020

Please read the document below for important updates and information regarding school policy / behaviour / COVID safety measures.

Dear Parent / Carer

Important updates and information regarding school policy / behaviour / COVID safety measures.

As we have progressed through this academic session, we have been discussing our approach to key issues in our school. As a result, I wanted to update you on the following.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are the single biggest cause of distraction in our school and they are having a significant detrimental impact on learning.

Starting on Wednesday 28th of October all mobile phone use will be banned from any use in the classroom. (There are no exceptions.)  Should a pupil fail to adhere to this, teachers will request that pupils hand over their items and will return them when appropriate.

Should a pupil refuse to cooperate, this will be escalated to senior staff in the school who will contact home. Pupils and parents will then be informed of a complete ban for that individual for the remainder of the school term. Continued issues will regrettably result in more formal procedures being implemented.

Should any parent/carer wish to contact their child during class times, please do so via the school office. Please do not contact them via their own phone. We will ensure any messages are passed on.

Promoting Punctuality

Hopefully you will be aware of our drive to promote and improve our pupils arriving at school on time. This is a key life skill and one that is very important.

Should you be aware that your child is going to be late for school, please contact the school office. Also, please contact the school if you child is absent and note that you can respond by text to any absence text sent to you from the school.

School Uniform / Dress Code

We remain a school that is committed to an appropriate dress code. We are now allowed to safely change before and after PE.  We therefore expect all pupils to wear full uniform at all times.

Pupils who do not wear uniform – Parents will be contacted and when safe to do so, pupils will be returned home to get a change of clothing. Should this not be possible, they will be offered clean clothing from the school.

We acknowledge that on occasions pupil may have to wear alternative clothing and when contact is made by parents this will be accommodated.


Pupils are aware of our school values / rules.  We ensure that we protect the learning of everyone at Castlebrae – “we are here to learn”.

Pupils should be:

  • Ready to learn – Participate and contribute to the success of our school.
  • Respectful – We respect ourselves, our environment and the rights of others.
  • Safe – We all work to ensure our school community is safe and understand that everyone matters.

COVID safety measures

 Face coverings are now mandatory for secondary school pupils. Face coverings must be worn whilst entering school, travelling from class to class and in crowded areas.

Blended Learning

If your pupil is absent or self-isolating, they should continue to work from home. If you require an ICT device please contact the school. All resources will be uploaded for pupils onto their individual subject Team.  Please see link to parent guide to support your child to participate in Blended Learning whilst absent or self-isolating.

Yours sincerely

Norma Prentice