Health and Safety at Castlebrae

Dear Parents, Carers and Learners of Castlebrae.

Castlebrae Increases attainment for the 5th consecutive year!! Well done to all 2019-20 seniors we are very proud to be CCHS.

Thank you for your continued support in helping with a safe return to school.  We are all delighted to be back focusing on pupil’s wellbeing and learning.  Last week we had a very successful induction week.  All pupils participated in several sessions to ensure they are aware of the essential health and safety measures in place at Castlebrae due to COVID-19. We would like to take this opportunity to share this information with all parents and carers.

Entry to school

S1, S2 and S3 pupils enter by either the main door or the canteen door depending on which subject they are going to first.  Seniors enter by the front door from 8.20 and go directly to class. Temperature checks and hand sanitising are carried out on entrance to school.

2m physical distancing

should be maintained between adults and adults, and adults and young people who are not from the same household, wherever possible.  The advice from the COVID-19 Advisory Sub Group on Education and Children’s Issues is that, subject to other risk mitigations being in place, there is no requirement for physical distancing between young people of any age in schools.  

Face coverings

The position on face coverings in schools is: Face coverings should not be required for most children (other than those clinically advised to wear one).   Where adults cannot keep 2m distance and are interacting face-to-face for a sustained period (about 15 minutes or more), face coverings should be worn.  Anyone wishing to wear a face covering in school should be allowed to do so.  Please ensure face coverings are appropriate.  No snoods please. 


Enhanced personal hygiene must be practised. This includes: All pupils sanitise hand on entry to classroom.  Desks are set out to encourage physical distancing.  Each teacher sprays the desk at the end of the lesson and the pupils wipes the desk down with a paper towel.  Keyboards are wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes.  Designated areas have been designed outside of classes to allow pupils to physically distance whilst lining up. Good respiratory hygiene must be practised.  We encourage young people and staff to Catch coughs/sneezes with tissues or elbow, avoid touching their faces.

Breaks and Lunch

Pupils should be outside or in the canteen at breaks and lunch.  If pupils choose to go out for lunch they must follow the government guidelines and wear a mask when entering shops.  Pupils should not return late to class.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments for pupils, staff, vulnerable groups and visitors have been undertaken and will be reviewed by our H&S team weekly.  We have had consultation with all union representatives.  

Environmental cleaning, personal hygiene and ventilation  

To encourage ventilation, we have opened doors and windows throughout the school.  A rigorous approach to environmental cleaning must be implemented to prevent the spread of the virus, in line with the arrangements set out in the guidance.

Enhanced surveillance, testing and outbreak management

Arrangements are in place to monitor developments and allow for rapid response to any cases of COVID-19. This includes enhanced surveillance arrangements, test and protect and outbreak management.

If you have any queries re the above, please be in touch Norma Prentice.

Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Safe­

Kind regards,

Mrs Prentice

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