Phased Return to School

Dear Parents, Carers and Learners of Castlebrae.

I trust you are staying safe and enjoying the summer break. I hope that as lockdown has eased you have been able to meet up with friends and family.

It has been clarified today that schools will reopen on Wednesday 12th of August.  This first week will be a phased reintegration to support staff and pupils. Our plan for this is below.

From the 18th of August All pupils will return fulltime.  We can’t wait to have all our young people and staff back in school.

Induction plan

Day8.30am-2.25pm9.25am – 3.15pm
Wednesday the 12th of August  All S1All S5/6 Pupils
Thursday the 13th of August  All S2/3 PupilsAll S4Pupils All S1 Pupils
Friday the 14th of AugustAll Pupils S1-6 (Finish at 12.55) 

It is important to support our learners as they return to school. Our Protecting the Learning policy had been so successful, we must all focus on to returning to clear expectations it provided.


On Tuesday 4th of August all our S4, S5 and S6 will be receiving their SQA results. We wish them all the best of luck. If you would like to discuss your results please come into school on the Monday 10th or Tuesday the 11th.We will be there to help you out.

School uniform

All pupils should wear full school uniform.

  • Plain black school trousers.
  • Plain black school skirt, with leggings or black trousers.
  • A school tie must be worn and clearly visible.
  • A plain white shirt or blouse.
  • A plain black jumper or cardigan.
  • Black shoes. (no white laces)
  • S4-6 School blazer (provided) must be worn in class.

Any over-garment if not plain black must be removed in class.

Our community has been extremely supportive of our school uniform policy and I am sure with this support we can continue to have high standards.

School lunches

There will be a limited pre-ordered grab and go packed lunch service via parents pay and FME.  Pupils are also welcome to bring a packed lunch.  If young people go of site for lunch, they should follow the rules for wider society for example wearing a face covering when entering a shop.

Timetable: Will be provided during induction day. S3-6 If you would like to make any changes to your timetable Mr Johnstone will be available to discuss.

ICT: If you have been provided with an ICT device during lockdown, please bring this to the induction day. These devices will need to be cleaned and put on the school server for pupils to access the internet whilst at school.

Health and Safety: Further information will be provided to pupils, parents and carers regardingmeasures put in place to ensure good hygiene.

Our Learning Mentors will be in touch on Monday 10th or Tuesday 11th of August to answer any queries but please e-mail or phone the school office if you have an urgent query.

We will continue to do all we can do to support a safe return to school for learners and staff.

Stay safe.

Kind regards,

Mrs Prentice