Construction Starts on the New Castlebrae!

We are delighted to announce that the Construction programme for the New Castlebrae is now underway!

This significant milestone in the project was reached when work on site started Monday 28th October, and our Community now have a very real sense of the new building and the prominent position it will take at the heart of the rapidly developing Craigmillar, with the opening date set as August 2021.

The Castlebrae Community are very thankful for the passionate support received from all of our parents and partners who have worked so closely with us to support the drive to improve outcomes for our young people.

We are in no doubt that the new Castlebrae will provide innovative, inspirational and exciting spaces for learning and teaching, as well as providing an environment that will be fully inclusive and welcoming for the whole community.

Additional information on the new Castlebrae can be found via this website and through Twitter #ReplacementCastlebrae2021